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I buy your watch, or take it in commission!

If you want to separate yourself from a watch or clock, you can send me a Mail, and I will contact you by mail.

Please observe the following points:
  • I buy only watches and clocks with dial and hands. There are a few watches with digital display in my collection, but either they were in a bunch together with "normal" watches, or this watches are LIP watches, and so are part of the LIP range. And - who knows - maybe somebody really wants such a watch ;-)
  • Wrist watches, pocket watches: the watch should be in functional order (at least for a few seconds...); if the watch has a quartz movement, and the battery is down: this means not that the watch is defective; no need to replace the battery - most scratches in watch cases occur by trying to open the watch...
  • Alarm clocks, table- and wallclocks: by replacing the movement (quartz) or a revision (mechanical movents) most clocks can be saved. The state of the case is much more important. A quartz clock must have an extraordinary case to give a reason for its movement beeing replaced...!
  • Redarding mechanical clocks with wooden cases, the most important is that the glass windows are intact. You can easily imagine that the replacement of bevelled glasses may supersede the value of the rest of the clock..! Also important is the state of the varnish; the labour for grinding, varnishing or other treatment will surely be more expensive than the rest!
  • For every watch you send please indicate a price you would like to reach. But don't glue labels on watches please.
  • By estimating this price please stay on the floor of the reality!
  • After reception of the watches they will be controlled, and you get your money - or, in case of giving in commission - we will send you a receipt with the watch details.
  • If the watches sent to us are in too bad condition they will be returned at once.

Here you can reach us!

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