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Something irritated by the newest interpretations of the obligation right, we see ourselves compelled to adapt and describe the terms of sale.
From our view not much did change in the sense - you can regard the old version here to compare.

General terms of sale (AGB)

Determining are the articles 197 to 210 of the Swiss obligation right (OR), which you can reread on this web page (it opens a new window).
By the transmission "Kassensturz", the consumer transmission of the Swiss television, the question of the warranty and the return of goods was pulled in the focus of discussions.
This causes us to describe our handling:

Warranty duration

  • LIP watches: The terms of the warranty of LIP, which come with each new clock, apply for warranty terms and duration for watches and clocks of the brand LIP. You can see them here.
    Here it is LIP, which grants this warranty according to the French and European standards, and we pass her on.
  • For other clocks (used (secondhand)), new or New Old Stock (NOS), the warranty duration specified in the description of article applies.
    This is different depending upon age and condition, and we reserve ourselves to adapt her to the market situation.
    It applies the duration specified at the purchase time.
  • If a guarantee period up to a certain date is mentioned, then this period applies, independently of the purchase date.

Warranty extent

  • The warranty for all clocks extends to the function of the movement, as well as to other characteristics of the devices, depending upon kind and intended purpose.
    The characteristics specified in the description of the article form thereby the basis.
  • The photos form a substantial part of the description!
  • In order to avoid later discussions we also recommend to look at the condition codes since each smallest detail cannot be described.
  • Excluded expressly from the warranty are wearing parts such as batteries, watch straps and crystals.


  • Orders are worked on in the order of their entrance.
    Since we sell usually unique pieces, the articles are reserved 10 days, in order to make the money transfer possible.
    At expiration of 10 days the articles are again released, if on our Mail no reaction takes place (art. 214 OR).

Scope of supply

  • All wrist watches are delivered, if necessary, with the associated battery cell.
  • Clocks and items which are operated with a commercial battery, are supplied without battery.


  • Returns please only after further inquiry by Mail, you receive then the back sending address!
  • The costs of the return remain on your behalf.
  • You will receive your money back, less the forwarding expenses spent by us.
  • Please send back the article within 30 days after receipt.
  • You don't have to justify the return, however we would be pleased if you tell us the reason. Because only then we can improve our product informations and avoid future problems.

Important for orders from overseas customers: you should be sure that you would like to keep the ordered articles. Forwarding expenses, which you pay for the return, are usually higher than our tariffs, which see you on this page!

Forwarding expenses

With forwarding expenses you are not ripped off:

here are our forwarding expenses


  • We guarantee the correctness of our descriptions
  • Should an assured characteristic not be fulfilled, the customer has the right to return the watch or clock; thus the purchase is cancelled.
  • A claim for replacement is however expressly excluded, because since it concerns unique pieces, no replacement is present!
    This is a substantial difference to the law, which stipulates a requirement on replacement (art. 205 FF OR).
    In the marked out discussion the prevailing opinion is that the buyer, when a lack being present, has not to accept a repair of its equipment, but on the contrary he has a right on same new equipment.
    Since this is impossible with the kind of articles which we are selling here, we must communicate this unfortunately now and here.
  • Cases of warranty are very rare with us (2 cases in 5 years!), and we treat each justified case individually - so far always for the satisfaction of the customers!

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