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Watches from
We are glad to present you a range of GEYA watches!
These watches are manufactured in China on Swiss tool machinery and are equipped with japanese quartz movements from Miyota and Seiko Epson - Quartz movements which are built in millions of pieces for a large number of watch manufacturers.
The finish of these watches is superb and not to compare with other Chinaware quite oftenly offered in souvenir shops and on online auctions!
For this reason we grant a
two year limited warranty on quartz watches
a one year warranty on mechanical watches!
On our web pages you can still find a lot of beautiful and less beautiful watches and clocks, new and second hand, from all over the world!

Of course all items are in full working order!

to the shop
And now something about watch straps:
Do you think that a leather strap is not durable enough?
A steel strap too heavy?
Are you electrician and may not carry a metal band at all?
Or did you already make bad experiences, when you got stuck somewhere with your wrist-watch?

That's why we have the EULIT perlon watch straps:
These straps are from a single piece, don't have seams, screws or pins... it's a solid network from mass-colored perlon fiber - the principle goes back to the 1940 years, when the watches had still no spring bars, but firmly soldered on bars, like the "Rotonde" in the photo.

Now is also clear which is the bonus effect: if you should get stuck with your watch and break a spring bar, the watch remains nevertheless at the wrist and does not land in the abyss or in the sea...!

You can find these straps in the accessories on the EULIT perlon straps page

A good packaging is always included for free!

Picking up is always possible after agreement, we have everything in stock!
Watches from     
All watches of this company of tradition are delivered with its original 2 year factory guarantee at the original factory price!
The most beautiful models from stock, others with firm order only
If you have questions about a model you see on the LIP website, we will help you voluntarily!
These are just a few of over 100 models in stock... - but LIP doesn't have just wrist watches!
There are three different models of Grandfather clocks, and this for a really good price (on firm command only, we don't have the space to stock them...)
See the descriptions on the corresponding pages!
This old pub is downloadable as wallpaper - see "Service- other stuff" !
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Watches in commission

Angular Momentum, Maurice Lacroix, Rado, Chagal, Delma...

all original and tested!

We take your watch in commission - simply ask us (link row above, Contact)
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